Beyond the Dark

S3 | Episode 2 | Survivors of EV-9 - Part 2

June 22, 2021

After a virus wipes out most of human civilisation, a few scattered survivors - one of whom carries a devastating secret - attempt to stay ahead of the cannibalistic infected.

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Written and produced by Mark R. Healy
Music by Mark R. Healy

Luke Wheeler
Madison Garris -
Ray O'Hare
Trent Trachtenberg -
Nhea Durousseau
Alyssa Marteja
Shogo Miyakita
Paul Watt

Additional Voices:
Hayden Healy, Elwood Le Mura, Allen Chan, Eric Umstart, Tristan Whalen-Hughes, C. W. Gant, Caroline Cabal Coniglio, Luke Hynes, Janine Bower, Daistri, Vincent Bozzi, Christopher Coles, Geovanni, Olavoe Martinez, Devin Swafford, Anne-Marie Choon, Ellis Knight, Bradon Worton, Sarah Cannon, Lucas Bach Digmann, Scott Zimmerman, Zarek

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